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Rosemary P Miller Gallery

Rosemary P Miller Gallery

Weather, Water, and Ash by Bert Gilbert

Exhibit Details:
In the Miller Gallery, Bert Gilbert presents Weather, Water, and Ash, a collection of sculptures exploring the themes composing the show’s title, specifically the way in which they are each harbinger’s of the ever-present state of change in nature. Gilbert’s goal in highlighting these changes, some consistent, and some more evident as climate change persists, is to celebrate an appreciation of our world as a way to motivate work towards its preservation.

Artist Bio:
Bert Gilbert has been creating objects since he was a kid, spending countless  hours in his father’s tiny basement workshop. Toy boats, wood carvings, and elaborate alarm systems to keep his sisters out of his bedroom, were his specialties.

Gilbert received a BA in Sculpture and Painting from Indiana University in 1983, but allowed many  years to pass artistically fallow while creating a family, home, and a remodeling business. When he turned 50, after years of tromping down other creative paths, Gilbert decided it was time to return to the sanctuary of his youth, making art. Invigorated by the amazing iron casting workshops at Sculpture Trails of Solsberry, Indiana, he discovered an instant affinity in working with metal, probably forged in the steel mills and smelting factories of Northwest Indiana, where he spent his college summers. Upon retiring and closing his construction company at the end of 2021, Gilbert has been able to focus full-time on his artistic practice.

He has enjoyed this opportunity to take time to understand the vocabulary of different materials that are not usually within the classical artist’s oeuvre. These are the scraps which have been left as the detritus of a construction company that Gilbert ran for 27 years. The syntax of these different materials, and the way that he can use that to compose has been a wonderful mental and physical exercise.

Treasury Gallery

Creative ReProductions: Conversations on Art and Mother by Gloria Manzanares and Emily Zarse

Exhibit Details:
The duo has found common interest and collaboration in their explorations of parenthood, and its influence on their own creativity. Their work stems from curiosity in both the philosophical questions of identity and social structures, while also focusing on the personal embodiments of the daily experience. The gallery plays host to works in each of their unique styles, featuring both sculpture and painting.

Artist Bio:
Emily Zarse is an artist, curator and educator. Both her studio practice and curatorial research explore representations of the body, gender, and caregiving in order to center topics of reproductive justice. From large-scale installations to the intimacy of artist books, Zarse delights in combining unexpected materials and uses tactility to evoke embodied experiences. She received a BA from Cornell University as well as an MFA from Indiana University in 2022, and has stayed on at IU as a Curatorship MA candidate, graduating Spring 2024. She lives in Bloomington, with her partner, two daughters, and dog, Georgie.

Gloria Manzanares: As an artist who has lived abroad for many years, Gloria Manzanares’ works express a concern about social inclusion, group belonging, and integration. Furthermore, her experience of motherhood sharpens these questions with urgency. The ethics of representation of the woman’s body, specifically of a mother’s body, are mixed with a nostalgia for her native culture, creating scenes that are impregnated with a dreamlike atmosphere. Born in Madrid, Spain, Gloria Manzanares Romero obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria in Madrid. In 2019, she completed her degree as a Meisterschülerin (MFA) at the Düsseldorf Academy of Arts, and has since exhibited in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Peru, and the USA. Now a parent of two wonderful children, she is based in Bloomington, Indiana, where she continues her painting practice and teaches art and Spanish at Harmony School.

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