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Rosemary P Miller Gallery

Rosemary P Miller Gallery

Linger by Soulaf Abas

Artist Statement:
“For each painting in this show, I sat still until I became a witness to the experience. Whether it’s a memory or an observation, I lingered long enough to absorb its beauty, anguish, and wonder. The works you see are translation of the external and internal worlds.
For the external landscapes, I used pastels and watercolor. Whether it’s a fleeting memory of a place I love, or a decaying leaf resting lightly in my hand, I interpreted what I experienced while tuning in to its essence.
The oil paintings, on the other hand, observe the internal landscape; the psychological terrain and how it shifts and moves in response to external circumstances. They examine the ways in which grief can help us construct meaning and investigate loss in an emotional sense.”

Artist Bio:
Soulaf Abas was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. In 2008, she received her BFA from Indiana State University, after which she returned to Syria to teach art at the Arab European University. In 2010, Soully returned to ISU to pursue her MFA. After graduating, Soully taught part time at ISU.  She currently teaches art at Rose Hulman institute of Technology. Soully’s work explores the world within and without.  While her watercolors and pastels focus on external landscapes, she continues to explore the effects of loss and war in her oil painting and printmaking works. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She has also been the recipient of numerous residencies and awards for her work, such as the Social Justice Residency in Santa Fe, NM, and multiple ELCE Grants from ISU. Soulaf lives and works in Terre Haute, Indiana, with her partner, dogs, cat, and many plants.

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Local Phenomena by Emily Wilson Gillespie

Artist Statement:
“My current work is the result of observing the same landscapes over thirty-two years. Living all but a few months within a 45-mile radius, I have driven the same roads again and again, allowing me to perceive significant and minute changes to my surroundings: a tree whose limbs are clipped for a power line, a farmer who has begun planting winter cover crops, new buildings to replace the old.
My paintings are a composite of memory, observation, and imagination,
pulling inspiration from photographs, childhood recollections, and recent studies. The interaction between memory and present reality creates a space for both discord and harmony in the work.
The horizon line may rise and fall, tree branches might stop where you expect them to continue, paint appears opaque or transparent, and playful shapes and lines may emerge. I hope to give viewers a moment of escape and encourage their reflection on what places they find meaningful.”

Artist Bio:
Emily Wilson Gillespie is a visual artist working and living in Bloomington, Indiana. She received her BA in Studio Art from DePauw University. In 2014, Emily completed the Efroymson Arts Fellowship and, in 2018, she was awarded an Individual Advancement Program Grant from the Indiana Arts Commission. Most recently, she was awarded an Emerging Artist Grant from the Bloomington Arts Commission to create a body of work using local dye and condensation. Her current paintings explore and celebrate rural landscapes by combining playful shapes, bright paints, and native plant dyes. | @emilywilsongillespie

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