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Introducing Bloomington’s newest arts organization, a visionary blend of theater and film production, arts education, and new work development!

Established in 2022 as a result of a three way merger between Bloomington Playwright’s Project, Cardinal Stage, and Pigasus Institute, Constellation connects audiences through world-class theater and film.

Each theatrical season features an exciting mix of original plays and musicals, established works, family- friendly classics, and shows for young audiences. Throughout the year, Constellation produces multiple film projects (all shot in Indiana) and is currently in development for a feature-length film developed based on one of its theatrical productions, bringing the stage to the screen!


The mission of Constellation Stage & Screen is to produce world-class theater and film that impacts the national performing arts industry through new work development. Our productions, community events, and education programs serve as a leading contributor to the cultural and economic vibrancy of Bloomington, Indiana. 


Constellation Stage & Screen is an arts and culture leader rooted in the Midwest, redefining the development and creation of theater and film, while cultivating and sharing the creativity of our community.


At Constellation Stage & Screen, our shared values serve as guideposts as we work daily in service of our audience, our craft, our community, and our organization. The array of values we share can be characterized by three core beliefs. First, we believe in the power of theater and film to simultaneously entertain and engage audiences. Second, we believe that the arts are vital to the quality of life for every individual and essential to the overall health of our community. Third, we believe these values should be lived internally by providing  a welcoming and supportive workplace that nurtures our staff, artists, and board.

Because we believe in the power of theater and film, we commit to:

  • Our model of developing new works for stage AND screen, in order to redefine the artistic production process
  • Innovate, adapt and collaborate in our pursuit of artistic excellence
  • Tell diverse stories in a relevant, inclusive and respectful way
  • Embrace artistic risk and experimentation for its power to positively impact the lives of our staff, artists, students, patrons, and greater community.

Because we believe the arts strengthen our community, we commit to:

  • Engage a broad and diverse audience.
  • Cultivate a love and appreciation for the arts from a young age
  • Create entry points into the performing arts which are accessible for everyone in our community
  • Reflect the community that we currently serve, as well as the one we want to become
  • Foster empathy, promoting a better understanding of our shared humanity
  • Contribute to civic vitality through our productions, community events and educational initiatives
  • Prove ourselves to be as vital a public resource as schools, parks, and public libraries.

Because we believe a welcoming and supportive workplace will nurture our staff, board and artists we commit to:

  • Actively foster a workplace culture built on care, empathy, and respect
  • Treat all who come through our doors with respect
  • Sustain an inclusive environment of integrity, collaboration, and transparent communication
  • Provide our staff with the tools, space, and time necessary for personal and professional growth
  • Nurture creative thinking and a growth mindset among our Board, staff, and artists
  • Practice fiscal responsibility, strategy in planning, cooperation across all departments
  • Seek a multiplicity of views and experiences to sustain artistic excellence and organizational health


Phone Hours: M-F 12 - 5pm
(812) 336-9300 Box Office
(812) 336-7110 Admin
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