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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Constellation Stage & Screen believes all people are deserving of respect, empathy, safety, and inclusion. We expect our staff, board, artists, and patrons to share and demonstrate this commitment.

Constellation Stage & Screen is committed to fostering a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion in its artistic productions and management. Our goal is to become fully inclusive, multi-cultural, anti-oppressive, and anti-racist. Our organization is committed to establishing consistent, meaningful, long-term conversations and relationships with historically marginalized artists and groups in our community. Constellation will build a more diverse network of creatives and actors, present underrepresented stories on our stage, and ensure representation of historically marginalized people among our artists, staff, and Board.

In alignment with our values, we commit to…

  • Tell diverse stories in a relevant, inclusive and respectful way
  • Engage a broad and diverse audience
  • Create entry points into the performing arts which are accessible for everyone in our community
  • Reflect the community that we currently serve, as well as the one we want to become
  • Foster empathy, promoting a better understanding of our shared humanity
  • Actively foster a workplace culture built on care, empathy, and respect
  • Treat all who come through our doors with respect
  • Sustain an inclusive environment of integrity, collaboration, and transparent communication
  • Provide our staff with the tools, space, and time necessary for personal and professional growth
  • Seek a multiplicity of views and experiences to sustain artistic excellence and organizational health

Constellation has a standing D.E.I. committee. Current members include Beverly Calender-Anderson, Sandra Clark, Sally Gaskill, Erin Parks (Chair), and Daniella Wheelock. We are actively seeking additional members for this committee. Community members interested in joining the committee should contact Daniella Wheelock (daniella@seeconstellation.org).

Constellation has a dedicated D.E.I. Fund to help reach our goals and sustain specific initiatives. Activities supported by the fund include: 

  • Travel and housing for BIPOC guest artists
  • Consultants for culturally specific productions
  • Training for staff and board members
  • Production subsidies for plays/musicals that tell the stories of historically marginalized people
  • Play/Musical/Film commissions for BIPOC artists 
  • Scholarships for the Constellation Academy

If you would like to support the D.E.I Fund, you can donate here or contact Development Director John Armstrong at john@seeconstellation.org.


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