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Ready to step up to the plate to participate in The PlayOffs? Here is everything you need to know about participating in Constellation’s biggest and most fun fundraiser of the year! Don’t believe us, listen to that crowd…

*the crowd goes wild*

See? They love you. 

So what are The PlayOffs and how does it all work? Here’s the stats:


Think of The PlayOffs as a walkathon, but instead of walking, you’re putting on a play. All participants join a team (you can choose or we can assign you to one) and fundraise for the cause (that’s us). Each team has 24hrs to write and produce a short play that’s filmed on either Oct. 22 or 23. 

On Nov. 5 we’ll screen the films and the audience will vote on their favorite (friends can also vote remotely). Teams also earn bonus votes for each dollar they raise. The team with the most audience votes and the most bonus votes wins the World Series Trophy!



You can participate either as an Actor, Director, Playwright, or Team Owner. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY for any position. 

  • Actor – You’ll act in the show. Must be available for the opening pitch and the full rehearsal and filming time period on ONE of the days.
  • Director – You’ll direct the show. Must be available for the opening pitch and the full rehearsal and filming time period on ONE of the days.
  • Playwright – You’ll write the 3-5min script. Must be available for the opening pitch (remote is possible), and will write until you’re finished, delivering the script by 6am the following morning. 
  • Team Owner – You’ll help fundraise and cheerlead for your team. No time commitment is needed although we strongly prefer that you attend the opening pitch.



Sep. 21: Fundraising period begins. 

Oct. 21 @ 6-7pm: Opening Pitch. 

Everyone involved gets together (some snacks and drinks included) to celebrate the start of the event. The surprise elements of the show are revealed (and are drafted) and teams brainstorm ideas for their play before the playwright begins writing. At 7pm, playwrights begin writing their 3-5min play until they’re finished (by 6am on Saturday morning).

Oct 22 OR Oct. 23 @ 7am-6pm: Filming.

Each team will be assigned a day for their rehearsal and filming. You’ll be able to select this day when you sign up – you do NOT need to be available for both. Teams will get their scripts as early as 7am and rehearse throughout the morning. Each team will be assigned a 45min slot to film their play (teams will draft their order with the highest fundraisers getting first choice). When you are finished filming, you are done for the day. So your day may end at 1pm, if you have an early slot, or as late as 6pm, if you have a late slot. You do not need to be rehearsing the full time – it’s up to your team on how you spend the day.

Nov. 5 @ 7:30pm: Screening Event and Awards Ceremony.

All of the individual films will be edited together to create one full show that we’ll put up on the big screen. Admission is free. Grab some popcorn and enjoy! Audiences will digitally vote for their favorite (at the event or remotely). After the show, awards will be given out for many different accomplishments, like “Best Actor”, “Audience Choice”, and the coveted “World Series Trophy” – we give out LOTS of awards!


The PlayOffs is a fun event. So we throw a lot at our teams to make it extra fun…and challenging. At the Opening Pitch we reveal a surprise theme, prop, and line of dialogue that every play must use. Additionally, each team will draft (in order of their fundraising), various challenges for their play. For example, The Team Owner who raises the most money will draft a challenge for their team to accomplish, like “your play must have someone attempt to breakdance” or “one character can never use the letter L”. Expect lots of fun surprises and challenges like these to keep you on your toes!


We believe that artists should be celebrated like star athletes, so we give out super cool trophies to our winners. It’s time to adorn your mantle with baseball-shaped metallic bragging rights.  Sign up today and get ready to win the World Series! 


Simply fill out this FORM and you’ll be ready to PLAY BALL!

 *the crowd goes wild*


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