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The Playoffs


The catcher signals. The pitcher winds up. The batter tightens his grip. Here it comes!

It’s the 22nd Annual PlayOffs!!!


But what is it, you ask? The PlayOffs is a 24-hour short play fundraising competition in which a writer, director, actors and managers team up to create a new piece of theater in one day! The play is filmed in front of a green screen, masterfully edited, and presented before a live audience and via live stream. Each team recruits their “owners,” who donate to own a piece of the team. 

This is a “Walk-a-Thon”/crowdsource type of fundraiser in which a large network of small donors support Constellation for the cost of a bag of peanuts and a box of Crackerjacks. Or maybe a high-class box seat behind first base!


Two teams emerge victorious: the “Audience Choice” and the “World Series Champion.” Just like the big leagues, teams that raise the most money get advantages. For example, top fundraising teams get their first choice of green screen background (which determines the setting of your play), first choice of a given line of dialogue, first choice of filming time slot (giving you more time to write and practice), and your choice of “curveball” (more below).


You can participate either as an Actor, Director, Playwright, or Team Manager. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY for any position. JUST SIGN UP by completing this short form! And if you don’t have a team but you wanna play, we’ll put you on one!

  • Writer- You’ll write a 3-5 minute script! (can play remotely)
  • Actor – You’ll act in the show! (must be available in person)
  • Director – You’ll direct the show! (must be available in person)
  • Team Manager – You’ll be your team’s cheerleader and help with fundraising! (can play remotely)
  • Team Owners (Donors)– You’ll bankroll and flaunt your status as the owner of a “playoff” team! (anyone can play!)


Pre-Season: August 6th-September 24th (virtual)

  • Build your teams and get pumped!

Opening Day: September 24th (virtual)

  • Fundraising Begins to secure your top choices in “The Draft of Curveballs

The Draft: Friday, October 20th, Ted Jones Playhouse (Virtual is possible, but in-person is strongly preferred!)

  • Draft your “Curveballs!” 
  • Curveballs are unique challenges for your play, for better or worse. For example, your play could be required to include a Morgan Freeman style voiceover narration (which is fun!) or someone could be required to only speak in rhyming verse (which is super hard!). So there’s a real incentive to recruit those team owners (donors) and raise money for a good cause! 

Production Weekend: October 21st OR 22nd, Ted Jones Playhouse (Actors and directors must be in person)

  • Plays are written, rehearsed, and filmed in a 24-hour period! (At least one day REQUIRED for Actors & Directors – must be available 7am-6pm)

The First “Pitch:” October 25th-November 4th (virtual)

  • Films are released for voting or “Pitching”
  • Fundraising push to win the WORLD SERIES

The World Series: Saturday, November 4th, Ted Jones Playhouse (in-person and virtual)

  • Live and streaming screening of ALL plays. 
  • Audience Choices & World Series Champions are crowned!
    • Audience Choice Award goes to the team with the most audience votes
    • World Series Championship goes to the team with the combination of fundraising and audience vote totals


Help support your favorite team by making a donation today!


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